Thursday, November 1, 2018

Five gifts to protect

Once upon a time five gifts.
Five priceless riches to take care of and protect.
As many living perfections, according to a study by the University of Queensland and the Wildlife Conservation Society, recently published by the journal Nature, located respectively in Australia, in the United States, in Brazil, in Russia and in Canada.
That is, the five custodians of the remaining wild regions of the world.
Nonetheless, we all know how often the keepers of a sublime sharing works, where time passes and memory vacillates.
They end up unhappily to take them for granted and neglect them too.
Arriving even to claim the merit of such a gift, instead of taking charge of the precious responsibility.
This is our worst betrayal.
Because there was a time when the earth made a deal with the creatures that it hosts and an inviolable commandment is written on it.
“Humanity,” said the planet, “you will be father and mother exactly like me. You will have to love and defend yours and my children with your life itself.”
Once upon a time there was a duty for everyone, no one should feel excluded.
Once upon a time the remaining gifts.
Let’s keep our promise and make sure that tomorrow they will be there again...

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