Thursday, November 15, 2018

Today against tomorrow

Today against tomorrow.
That is the modern clash, the last one.
The contention between two narrators on the same scene, of changeable setting, that is the heavenly vault, rather than every corner at play on our mother earth.
Two opposing stories daily told to the human spectator, but also a reader, as a voter, and more than ever a consumer.
“Think about today,” repeats one incessantly, “dissipate without sparing the living fuel that has been given to you by the industrial divinity you have created by yourself.
“Fill your journey on the road with accelerated revenue, in the form of an inescapable escape from primordial innocence.
“Eliminate any dubious obstacle from the run, as the prize unfolds as you whiz without turning back. And if someone has the inappropriate intrusiveness to compare you to a dumbly sad lab rat, maybe he’s right, but at the end of the show didn’t have you any fun anyway? No? Well, not bad, because after the end of the trip you’ll never have chance to warn the others.”
At the same time, on the other side of the stage, the antithetical story goes on air.
“Remember tomorrow,” says tenaciously the voice, “remember that every reason is useful for te whole action, here and now, for the foundations in the future.
“Sowing is a foolish gesture if you lack the least act of faith in the fruit that will come.
“Nonetheless, a fearless story as a selfless choice cannot take place without the help of the only guardian angels that nature will ever offer you.
“You can call them pure air, clean water and fertile land, if you prefer, but still today they are the only miracle that has never needed evidences.”
Well, this is the current conflict.
The dance that drags the whole of humanity on the opposite sides of the world.
Two stories murmured or constantly shouted in our conscience.
But only one of them will let today become tomorrow…

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